All I basically want to do in life is just travel, travel like a homeless guy. Just carrying a small backpack with a knife, my passport, and some water. And Im gonna be those people who travel theough rides and walking and all that. Im not gonna eat 7 days a week and I will sleep on the street or stuff like that. The point of all of this is that my objective is to help people. Like when I go to cities I want to go to the poor areas and help the people there with little jobs. Like getting water or carrying stuff or basic house work or field work. If I have any money I will give it to the homeless. I wont charge people for the jobs and they hopefully give me food or shelter for a day. And if I have nothing to give or nothing to do. I will just talk with homeless people you know? Make it a day they will remember because happiness doesnt come from money. And I always wanna travel hopefully all around the world. Its gonna be hard because I will leave my life of El Paso behind but its for a good cause. Its gonna be hard because I wont eat everyday or shower or sleep but its to help. I also want to get in protests against injustices and always help. And always travel, never settling down in any place. I wont have a family of my own (not that I want to). But I just wanna help
adguez adguez
18-21, M
Aug 22, 2014