Tweet-a-Thon to Raise Money for Erika Fund, and Support this Mom Who Needs Help

By now most of you have read Erika’s original story, and have participated in our push to share her story and help her graduate college. We’re also very excited about the news coverage from WBTV in Charlotte. Today, I’m excited to report that for every tweet sent out tomorrow about Erika, we are now raising 15 cents for the Erika fund – the highest ever for a sponsored tweet-a-thon!

Erika is a single mom that found herself in a wheelchair after a terrible car accident. In order to be able to get off welfare, Erika is trying to get her college degree to become a social worker.

Unfortunately, to get to and from college in her wheelchair, Erika needs special transportation arrangements which she currently cannot afford on her $650 a month disability payment. We are hoping that by sharing her story, we can raise $3,000 to get Erika through school. With that money, we can get a used handicap-enabled vehicle that Erika can use to get to and from school (not to mention take her little girls out of the house). Watch this 60 second video to see Erika’s story:

For every tweet going out about Erika, we have been raising 5 cents to the Erika fund. The way this has worked is that a group of us have pledged to make a donation every time someone tweets and helps to spread Erika’s story.

I’m excited to report that we’ve been able to get enough support from matching donors that for this Thursday only (March 19), every tweet that shares the URL will raise 15 cents for the Erika fund. This is the highest “ sponsored tweet”  campaign we’ve ever seen, so we hope this gets you excited! As with last time, the matching will happen for each person that tweets to at least 50 followers, and will be matched for the first 2,000 tweets (if you can sponsor donations for additional tweets, e-mail me at so we can extend this). You can tweet your own thing or you can use our suggestion below:

Support those with disabilities. Each tweet matched by 15cent donation to Erika fund. RT Please

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This is an inspiring story and it touched my heart. It's wonderful that there are caring, loving people in this world willing to help others. God Bless You