Some Hope

I have recently been reading articles about climate change and habitat restoration.  I have learned that because of rising sea levels and temp.  Some habitats cannot be restored.  Example: Salmon streams in the pacific northwest have become so warm that Salmon are not able to spawn there.  Environmentalist have been trying to repopulate but to no avail, Also mangrove restoration is fruitless because rising sea levels will cover what we restored in just a matter of decades.  Mangroves serve as filters for the open water, what is going to happen when they are all gone.  In order to restore mangroves to the proper place as according to future sea  levels we would have to tear down human development.  We all know that won't happen.  I aslo spent time living on the edge of the Sahara desert trying to reforest the settled areas.  It just seems like a hopeless project due to the lack of rain.  Lack of rain and deforestation together seem to dictate the encroachment of the desert.

I recently read some hope,  the cover article in January's issue of Scientific American described a plan for the United States to become 90% solar powered by 2050.  It probably won't happen but it was interesting to me that it could be possible.  It was very interesting.  Maybe things will change. I can only hope.  Because without hope ....What is there?

sarahconner sarahconner
36-40, F
Feb 24, 2008