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For Our Home's Sake

I want to help as much as I can to help the environment because I cherish our planet Earth like my home. I love everything the Earth gives us, plants, animals, water, the beauty of nature and to sustain life and I really don't want to lose it because of us. I want a clean Earth and I want everyone to start as soon as possible not just for our well being but for our future generations, our children, I want a home (Earth) were it would be safe to go out a breath fresh air, drink water out of a lake, go have fun in the sun without worrying about skin cancer, I what the Earth to be healthy again.
aroundhere aroundhere 22-25, M 2 Responses Jun 3, 2011

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I totally agree with both of you, education is one answer. the biggest challange we face is peoples Apathy & l would love to hear how we can go about doing that ?<br />
If we all did our bit it doesnt have to be a lot, even if people would turn sockets off when not in use, more recycling, heating down a notch or two it would help, there are lots of things that can help, If only we could make people realise every bit helps.<br />
There should be more done in schools & l dont just mean teaching that the planets is in a mess but educate on how we came do something adout it.<br />
To many are saying that the planet is doomed that only increases Apathy. We have to teach that yes the planet is in a mess but we can save it. Give people hope that there is a lot they can do to save earth, give people hope & them they might want to help.

Yeah your right, people don't realize that the minimal help can turn into a huge help to the planet. Because of every person in the world does the minimal it would turn into a huge help.

We just need people to listern &amp; learn, I really wish that more people felt the same way that we do. Then we have a chance to sort this mess of our own making. What amazes me is that people will sit in and watch doumentry's about nature. Thet should go outside &amp; look for themselves its an totaly astonishing planet we live on. All l can say is please, please, please act now before its to late

Not only are we killing nature but we are killing ourselves with our current lifestyle. We eat food shipped half way across the world before it gets to us, this food is covered with preservatives, pesticides, growth hormone, and god only knows what else. We drive our cars everywhere, even places within walking distance. We use cellphones and computers, what television which have a series of components that can not be broken down in the environment and leave us in a sedentary life. We are a society of quick fixes and convenience and until we see that and look at ourselves in the mirror. We will never see what a fat and overall unhealthy society we have become. We are destroying ourselves at the same rapid rate we are destroying the environment, lets turn it around and kill two birds with one stone here.

We need to educate humans for our home planet's sake.