I just did a HUGE project for my English class, it was a cause and effect presentation so I thought what would be better than a global warming project? I thought it was so great, and very informative but the class seemed so bored with it! I was just thinking to myself this is a very important issue that we need to address. We did our presentation, played the inconvenient truth video, and even had a little game. It just aggravates me that other people do not care enough about the earth to try and change.

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Global warming is being used by our poloticians to make money from us and to scare the public. Climate change has occurred all through the earth's history, and ill continue to do so.<br />
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To blame emission from cars etc., is nonsense, when the earth last warmed up hundreds of years ago, there were no cars then.<br />
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According to the Doomsday Book, here in London, England in the 1100s there were vineyards in the centre of London, it was very hot then, again, there was no pollution from cars or anything.<br />
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We recycle our waste food, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and tins, I agree with that because it means that we do not have to bury the stuff in landfills, so that is a good thing. I agree with cutting down on pollution to keep the air clean. Our motorists are charged and fined in every way possible, all in the name of global warming and to fill the government's coffers.<br />
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Mother Nature will go her own way and nothing we do will be able toi change her ways.<br />
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If we want something to worry about then we could worry about the fact that our earth is edging closer to the sun and will eventually be burned up! No need to worry though, it won't haoppen for millions of years!

While I agree that keeping the earth and air clean for the enjoyment of future generations is a good idea, the idea that "global warming" is caused by SUVs and industry is nothing short of preposterous. When I was in grade school, the current belief of the "scientific community" (and I use that term very loosely) was that industry and the behemoth automobiles of the '70s were sure to escort us into the next ice age. (Note that I was in the 3rd grade in 1973, when the first so-called oil shortage was announced to the world.) Assuming that one believes there was a previous ice age, ending 10,000 or so years ago ( a time in the earth's history when SUV's were doubtless somewhat of a rarity), then one must further believe that global warming has been a trend for quite some time. <br />
Again I will stress that keeping the earth, air and water clean is important. But even if global warming were an unavoidable fact of life, rather than propaganda and fear- mongering to keep oil prices high, we know for a fact that the earth has adapted to it's current state from a "scientifically proven" ice age thousands of years ago. Mother Nature has a way of looking after herself.