Baby Steps

 I think helping slow down and prevent further global warming starts with baby steps we can all take. Below are a few steps I have taken in my life to reduce my carbon footprint.

1. Turn off lights.

Simple. No need for all your lights to be on in the middle of the day if you aren't there.

2. Put electronics on a powerstrip.

My Television, Stereo, and other powersucking appliances are on a powerstrip in my house. When not in use I switch the powerstrip off. Any electronic you have that turns right on or has a clock or other screen on it is still drawing power when it is off.

3. Unplug it. 

When not charging my phone or other electronic I unplug it. Especially the microwave and toaster. They draw power when you least expect it.

4. Buy local and Organic. Eat Seasonal.

Buying local decreases the gasoline used to get the food to you. Do you really need that veggie shipped half way across the world in the middle of winter. If you can buy local and organic double plus. Eat the food that is fresh when it is fresh!

5. Clean with Biodegradable Products.

When it goes down the drain, toilet, or runs off the driveway it all ends up back in the earth. The 7th Generation Products are great. But Vinegar and Baking Soda always work. Think back to your grandmother or in my case great-grandmother how they cleaned.

6. Read and Educate yourself.

In the past few years I have become really into food what is in it and where is comes from.

7. Don't force your ideas on people. 

I have learned it is better to educate people but not to push your ideals onto them. If they want to follow you or want to know more great if not it's their opinion and I appreciate it.

Thats just a few of the simple things I do in my life to help improve the earth. If you have more please respond I love learning ways to decrease my carbon footprint and sharing with friends. 

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2 Responses Aug 15, 2008

That's great that your friends even if they have not bought into the idea of organic living they took the first step to actually do some research and educate themselves then if they want to stay the course of what they have been doing at least they have educated themselves as to both sides. <br />
<br />
I have to say the best story I heard about organic food was Paul Newman's daughter wanted her dad to start making organic food for the Newman's Own Brand. So she invited her dad to Thanksgiving Dinner, all the food organic. In the past apparently Paul Newman thought of organic food as twigs and dirt. After finishing the meal his daughter asked her father Paul Newman if he liked the meal. He remarked it was great and then she added it was organic! This apparently helped push them into the natural and organic food market. <br />
<br />
Sometimes you have to fool people into trying something new as well. At least in this case it worked out in our favor. Thanks for your comment!

I have to agree with you totally about not pushing our ideals on other people! Its one thing being enthusiastic about something, but its another trying to force our opinions on others. Most of my friends aren't into going organic, living chemical free life, and trying to change our lifestyle so that we live more environmentally, but one of my friends (who doesn't hold the same opinion as me) actually did research on the internet about organics and sent me the link. By not pushing my opinion onto her she felt free to look into it herself.