Do What I Can

I try to do what I can to decrease my carbon imprint on this earth.  I want to be able to give my son and the next generation a better world to live in.

We have become a disposable society.  If it is broken then throw it in a landfill.  Why create things that last, quantity over quality and all that.  Is that really how we want to live?  Is that really how we want to teach our children to live?

It is not completely easy to change how we live but it is not that hard either.  I try to think of all the things I but in plastic and try to find alternatives.  Instead of plastic dishes we buy glass or ceramic or metal.  I don't know the environmental impact this things have to manufacture but I do know that they last a very long time.  I still use things that were my great grandmothers where as the tupperware I got  from my mother will not last through my life time.

I am saving to purchase a smaller less powerful car.  I need a car as I will be living rural but there is no need to own a large powerful energy guzzling car.

We do not have multiple lights on and try to make the most of daylight energy.  We recycle everything we can and compost all our compostables.  We use natural cleaners and buy all our food organic and if possible organic.

If something is broken we try to mend it first.  We are attempting to reduce our garbage going to landfill until one day there will be none.

It's a journey we have embarked on and are constantly learning along the way. 

And do you know the funny thing?  Because of the choices we are making and because we don't push our beliefs on our friends and others, my friends are actually starting to do their bit.  Amazing isn't it!  Its like a ball rolling.  We didn't think that our decisions would have a big impact on the general state of things but now we see that we have impacted on others and they are trying too. 

"One drop raises the ocean" well imagine what more can do!  If more people learn to care about their impact on the environment it might actully be contagious and what a wonderful world we will leave for following generations.

danielle17374 danielle17374
31-35, F
Sep 11, 2008