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What Is Global Warming?

I believe man has nothing to do with global warming. this trend happened to the earth 3 times already... long before man came along. Its just a scam for tax collection purposes

baker998 baker998 56-60, M 10 Responses Aug 1, 2009

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&--If you honestly believe that(& ar'nt brain damaged) Perhaps I can sell you a public bridge or highway!

I will buy that Public Bridge and highway if you can explain scientifically why these fren frons were found in the Arctic . You know where that is ?

Come on--We All know there have been climate disasters--& dramatic changes here on earth---But there is not a single credible scientist(that isn't connected to any "Corporation" or Extreemist" group that would Dare say that mankind is not making climate change WORSE!
That would be like the scientist(hired by tobbaco companies) who for 40 yrs or so Swore up/down& sideways that smoking was NOT harmful!!

Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!!!! Did you know that prehistoric fern frons were found in the Arctic ? Why would this be ..... Because our planet shifts !!! Thank you again

watch the move called "chasing ice". that puts the facts nice and plainly.

shame on you. are you serious? do not procreate, please.

It's rather intresting how folks will take a FEW facts-then bend.fold& mutilate them into a theory& pass it off as the Whole truth!<br />
The natural world(nature) plays a PART in globle climat change--But to totally understand (anything) you need to consider All the facts-what nature does& what We do or YOUR theory has bigger holes than the ozone la<x>yer!

What unmitigated bollocks! The sun's heat varies, but in cycles that we know about and we understand the relationship between changes in solar energy reaching the planet and the heat of the planet. NASA do not say that the sun is responsible - they say it's a factor, among many. And this is the problem with this field. There are so many variables in the system that it's difficult to isolate different causes and their effects. We also know that if the planet warms by more than about 5deg C that the methane traps in Siberia, and off the coasts of most land masses, will be released, which will be catastrophic - in fact, it's likely that these methane traps played a major part in the extinction of the dinosaurs, causing massive global warming - indeed, methane is a far more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2.<br />
<br />
Yes, plants, especially trees, consume CO2. But we're reducing the quantity of plant life on the planet, so we're actually reducing the planet's ability to deal with the poisons we're putting out. Trees will, actually, grow faster and absorb, as a result, more CO2, as CO2 levels increase. But there's a limit. If we didn't cut down rainforests, often in a misguided attempt to reduce CO2 emissions, then we'd be fine. But we don't, we cut them down to provide Palm Oil and so forth as bio-fuel. Which still outputs CO2. But we've reduced the plant mass available for consuming that CO2, so it just kicks around in the upper atmosphere, heating up our planet. It is not the only cause of heating, but it is a major contributory factor - bigger than the other factors combined, according to some models, bigger than any other single factor according to others. But all the studies conclude that we're the biggest factor in climate change.<br />
<br />
As for the ice cores - well, yes, they do indicate warmer and colder periods in the planet's history. But they also indicate that right now, we should be in a colder spell, and that there's a northern hemisphere ice age well and truly due - in fact, overdue. So the vanishing of the Northern Ice Sheet in the Arctic is truly scary. The difficulty is, that the margin of error in these calculations is small compared to the age of the planet, but very large compared to the lifespan of a human being. As such, it is not possible for us accurately to predict the likely change in climate due to natural causes in a way that allows us to compare that with what is really happening - we have data from a very small time window (no more than the past 100 years). This means that although all scientists (bar a very small number of nay-sayers, mostly directly funded by vested interests such as oil companies) are convinced by the data that we're destroying the planet that gives us life, it cannot be proven in a black and white manner that makes sense to those that don't know the subject. Given that the oil companies have far more money than any other interest group involved in the field, the truth is that their viewpoint, horribly selfish though it is, gets excess prominence in the mainstream media.<br />
<br />
Make no mistake about this - there is absolutely no doubt about the science. None. We are screwing, fatally, with our planet. The only doubt is in the time-scale to total failure of the planet's current climate systems. And to those who say "ah, so what, the planet will make us extinct and then replace us, it'll be better that way", just go and look at Venus. That's a planet that did have an atmosphere that could have maintained some form of life. But it suffered from runaway, self-fuelled global warming, and now has an atmosphere poisonous to all known forms of life. And it isn't changing back, and hasn't in the past - it's terminally, totally, barren.<br />
<br />
That's where we're heading. So I am worried. I have children. We can solve this problem, and actually, in so doing, solve the economic difficulties we currently face. The only reason we're not doing so is stupidity on the part of much of the population, and greed on the part of a small minority. And nonsense such as half-remembered stories about ice cores merely or plant respiration merely increases the likelihood of terminal climate change. And it will happen within the next 100 years. Within my immediate descendants' lifetime. This is not frivolous hippy bullshit. It's scientifically proven truth, anyone who says any different is either poorly informed, employed by an oil company, or stupid.

Hmmmm<br />
Even using Basic logic--How can you think that the polution we are dumping into the land,air& water are doing no harm at all?<br />
Explain this to us "SIMPLE" folks!

One needs to look at the complete carbon cycle, including fossil fuels.<br />
<br />
Also, the answer is in the sky. Many have observed the planets are brighter.<br />
<br />
Even NASA has reported the sun is hotter, thus the solar system is slowly warming. <br />
<br />

Alexishappy, most scientists are employed by government agencies. They have their welfare to consider.<br />
<br />
I agree with Albert Einstein "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth"<br />
<br />
Lately there has been a trend to reduce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I want to know why as carbon dioxide is used by nurserymen to promote growth. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.<br />
<br />
It seems to me to be a good thing to promote plant life, to replace what we have ********.

Whatever the cause, we happen to be living on the planet this time! I think we should examine, plan for, and do whatever we can to lessen the effects of the eventuality! And not trod merrily along with our heads up our a*s*s*e*s!!! My opinion.