I'm Desperate For Help, Please!

I am only 17 years old and will be 18 in December and the last 4 days now I have had a Shadow person living in my bedroom. First night I seen him he just stood there looking at me from in front of my door. Second night he came through my closet. Third night I hadn't seen him yet, but I left my house and was depressed then when came back in and went to my room and as soon as I walked through my door I picked up a happy feeling. It just made me stop being depressed and I smiled and was happy. Tonight, as well as night 2 I have picked up negative angry feelings that I do not like and have been told by several friends that after all this has occurred I have not been my usual nice sweet kind caring kid that they knew. I was wondering what this could be and what I should do to control the emotions I pick up and what me seeing and feeling are called. I love the ability to do these things, but the first 2 nights I only got a total of 3 hours of sleep, because of this. 3 hours of sleep for 2 days is terrible. Please give me anything to help me. I would greatly appreciate it.
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Try turnin to God

What it sounds like is that it is a couple different spirits around you. You need to get rid of the shadow guy because while there is no such thing as possession they can by being around you make you pick up their traits. That is why the change in mood. You can send this spirit away by surounding yourself in the white light then telling it to leave. It's not to hard. There are other ways to do it if that does not work for you. You can message me I can give you the full list.

Hey,.. I've been seeing shadow people as well.. I don't really know what they are. There was a day where they surrounded my house.. not just one.. I've never had one in my house.. when I told my mom she did a prayer.. try it.. <br />
I haven't comunitcated before.. I'm not sure what to do myself... <br />
hold in there..<br />
<br />
I'm 16 years old, girl... and know what your goin' through. just hold on,

I'm not a strong believer in god.. but it brings me somewhat a peice of mind. hope you do okay!