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my hole life i could see things that where not the people say im crazy im scared i dont now whats rwrong with me i dream of things that did happen my familly amy friends think im a freak i dont now what to do
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ok and sorry when i wrote this i lost my pasword so i made a new profile vice13 and i see shadows i hear them and i see people that are never there and i see monsters in my dream and sometimes near me also i hate this curse it mested up my life i have no one now all i have left is this crazy guy how says he can help me controle it but he fells very dark and evil he scarys me he talks about how people like me can change the world and stufe

When I do psychic readings for people I use my clairvoyance in my third eye to gain an understanding what is happening in their life. Often the imagery is symbolic and I have to interpret it. For example if I see a car in my third eye I have to work out if it means their physical car or the direction that they are heading in life. I also see my spiritual guides in my third eye. I work with clairaudience to hear messages for spirit. Clairsentience to feel what is happening for the person and then there is claircognizant which is just knowing what happens for the person.
I also use all of these senses when I am doing a healing on a person. In my third eye I look into the aura and find things to fix, repair and remove.
My dreams over the last few years have been getting clearer but it has usually been my waking senses that are stronger.
What about you? What experiences have you had?

What things do you see?

Hi you are not a freak. It is just that sometimes the people that love us want to protect us. Also your friends and family possibly havent had the same experiences as you and find it hard to understand. I know if I hadnt had the experiences I have had I would be the biggest skeptic :)
Send them some loving energy but more importantly send yourself some loving energy. Most of us work with white light to clear and protect our space. Imagine in your third eye that there is white light all around you and inside of you and in the space you are are in. See this white light removing any darker energies or emotions and then see them leave. Then imagine white light in and around you to protect yourself. You can also use bubbles for protection as well. Just imagine a bubble around you in a three dimensioanl space.
I also get the feeling that you go into a cave. Metaphorically speaking that is. Imagine that when you go into this cave that it is a crystal cave that helps you find the answers you are looking for. Also learning about your chakras could benefit you and start your understanding of your energy system.
Your are not alone. There are many of us who aware of abilities. Infact I believe we can all do this, just some are more aware :)