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I have been able to get predictions ever since I was six and made my first communion. It has grown more and more. It used to be pictures and now I am standing in the room where the prediction is taking place and feel emotions that go through the room. I've never got anything important just random things that have proven to me that these things are real. I recently lost my mom and since then I have been able to see spirits. I've seen my mom, grandma, great grandpa (who I didn't know until I described him in perfect accuracy to my aunt), second cousin and many others. I get very frustrated because nobody believes me except my aunt (who also sees spirts). It's not like I want the world to know I just want to be able to have my dad and sister understand. I constantly get teased by my younger sister saying that I'm making it up for attention. I also have been able to talk with Mary and Jesus and notice when things are "holy". I know and feel that I will have a special calling with my gift later in life but I just wish I was able to prepare and had more support. I mean, I'm writing on an Internet blog... It doesn't get more desperate than that. Any advice?
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

It's tough telling people whom you think should believe anything you say, and even tougher when they don't believe you. I've been lucky with most of my family, the members that I have told understand, and support me. However, there have been people who are afraid of me; they detach themselves from me, and pretend that I never existed. You're very lucky that your aunt has similar experiences; you can count on her to offer you advice. However, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me :) I'll do the best I can to help.