Man In Black

Oh man, it happened. After a year of peace, it happened. The Man in Black came, but he just stood there, in the corner of my room. Watching me sleep. Creepy, right? He just stood there. He stood there until he came over to my bed, and tried to touch me. But he failed. As soon as i touched the iron cross my mom gave to me, he withdrew his hand. When i touched my iron sword, he backed away a step. When my dog Ramses came into my room, and laid his Grey eyes on The Man in Black, he took another step back. And when The Lady in White stood at the entrance to my room, he retreated to the corner, refusing to leave my room. But never gaining another step. But he did not need to. All he had to do, was stare at me, and i felt his eyes, even though i could not see them, study my soul. He only left when i succumbed to sleep with my dog in my bed and The Lady in White at my side.
Grayline Grayline
13-15, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

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