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I've been rescuing animals for over forty years now: mostly cats, because I'm so allergic to dogs  :(

When I started taking in abandoned pets in the 1960s, I thought how wonderful it was that I could rescue the poor little kitten I had found. I thought that if everybody would rescue just one abandoned animal, things in the animal world would be very different.

I still think that. But what happens is that most people turn a blind eye to the suffering animals, while a few of us go broke and/or have nervous breakdowns because we get so overwhelmed by the number of animals we wind up being responsible for. Luckily I spent many years working for no-kill animal shelters, and I was allowed to bring adoptable animals there. That was wonderful, and helped me (and the animals) more than I can ever say.

But then there are the 'unadoptable' animals: the animals that have some 'defect,' no matter how major or minor, that the general public just doesn't want as part of their household.

I had a very-much-loved cat once who had been abandoned when his owners moved. He was approximately 12 years old, and lost a leg in an accident. Of course he wound up with me, and I loved him tremendously. Another time my friend and I found a small kitten living in the parking lot of our apartment building. We took him in, only to discover that he was blind in one eye, and the side of his face was misshapen. When we took him to the vet, she estimated his age at 10 weeks, and said it was an injury that had injured his head and blinded him--and the wounds had healed by the time he was 10 weeks old! Both these cats wound up at our home, and lived long, wonderful lives. I;ll just never understand what would motivate someone to move and abandon a 12 year old cat, or kick a tiny kitten in the head with that kind of force....

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You're more than welcome.Let me know how it turns out.

What a great idea! Thank you so much!!

There is a lady I know that faced the same problem that you are having in your community. What her and her Mother did was start a pet food bank in her community. Its something to think about.<br />
THANK YOU for all that you do.

Thank you all for your kind, supportive words. I'm still working as hard as ever to try to save as many as I can, but as the economy gets worse, so does the pet abandonment problem--not to mention the poor strays who have become used to being fed at certain houses, only to have their food supply dry up too. It's a tiring, sometimes depressing task, but very worthwhile when I'm actually able to save an animal, or help return a lost one to its home. My partner and I feel that animals find us for one of thee resons: to stay with us forever; to stay with us while we get them in shape to go on to a new home; or so that we can help them die with dignity, knowing that for a short time, at least, someone loved them, was kind to them, gave each one a name, and held ech one gently in our arms while it was humanely euthanized. I truly feel that this is the reason I was put on this earth, and will never refuse help to a needy animal. God bless you all for your compassion!

Thank God for ppl like you who make a difference !!! Thank you so much for your story, it inspires me. You are awesome and so right !!! God bless you.

The people who would either leave a poor animal by themselfs or hurt one, are the same people who have no love for themselfs either,<br />
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We are thankful that people like you love not only love the poor little animals who have no one else to speak for them but also love all of us human animals who also need the love you give to them too!!<br />
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Always giving respect to living creathres........<br />
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