Lost And Found

For years I have ran. I have ran from problems, from myself and reality. I sought comfort amongst thorny ground only to be pierced by that which I found. Again I would run. I grew older and more tired, eyes filled with tears of disappointment.
I awoke one morning, dispair filled my home. I took stock of what God had given me, and I begin to write. He has allowed me to father children,allowed me to have a home and land. He has saw fit to keep me debt free and healthy. I was running from God.
I felt as if I had been running in to darkness and away from the one thing I desired most. It was Love. True, I am alone and have embraced loneliness, but it was only when I realized that what I was running from was that which would soothe my soul. I found the peace and contentment that I needed so. God comforts those who draw near Him. Stop running from the light and run into His overwhelming love.
This is my story, and it's message will stand the test of time. Life is short, never waste a minute running away.
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Similar situations in my life. Struck a chord with me.