T-Shifts Printed For Conference!

I arrived in the office today (after my first bus ride through SF to work, normally I walk) and found a huge pile of blue t-shirts on my desk. We designed a logo for the front (which is the picture used for this group) which appears down the right side and the back has the URL and "Life. Experienced." tag-line. They look pretty sharp!

We ordered a bunch to wear for ourselves (casually marketing the site as we occasionally wear them out in SF) and also for the conference speakers of BlogHer (which we are attending this weekend).

This is our first effort to really start creating a brand around EP and try to start marketing the site. Printing t-shirts is a grass roots start, but I think they look good and will be a nice complement to the PR efforts we will be undertaking in the coming weeks.

I'll try to upload a pic of the EP team wearing the t-shirts soon. Back to work....
EPjessica EPjessica
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2007

Marji-- you can now buy t-shirts!!!<br />

Hi Marji-- Yes we did just miss eachother! We stayed at a hotel downtown that was sponsored by the conference so that we increased our chances of running into people from the conference and telling them about our site. Hope things are going well in Chicago, it was beautiful to visit.

Yes I wore mine out in Chicago yesterday-- we are here in Chicago for the BlogHer conference. I was telling Julio, who runs our Business Development team, that I think we should make the t-shirts available for EP users to order from the site. We're still brainstorming how to do that, but maybe if we sent up a pay pal system and you entered shipping address we could get them out to users! I'll keep you posted!