Help Me Stop Child Abuse Photos On Social Sites!

i post this because i want to help stop child abuse! now i have seen and heard some very upsetting stuff on here and Facebook i ask for you to help me find groups and storys that may be bad to help me report it. i want to help make these websites more of a nice place to be. if i was apart of the EP team i would try my best to make this a clean site as possible.. there is groups on here that do have storys on sexual stuff towards children. i have flagged then god knows how many times yet i still see that the story is there.. i wish EP would go through everyones profile and clear out the perverted people. will you help me find and flag all these bad storys?? and i will be writing to experience project about it. and hope they also read this. sorry if some does not make sense i am typing this fast
stephan1994 stephan1994
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2012

We won't tolerate any stories or groups that promote harm to minors. If you've come across content like this, please help us address it immediately, by reporting the content/member via flagging.

thanks for taking time to respond.. does EP have like a email i can also report to?