Just A Few Words..

Some people say that some things don't get better and it won't go away? Don't listen to that because it does when you feel like just saying ' I'm sick of trying, I'm just done' think again because it gets better and there is light at the end of every tunnel as people say. Never ever give up, yes I feel like a hypocrite saying that because I was on the edge of giving up a few months ago, stay strong and give it one more try. Things always don't go to plan in life but what would life be like if we were all perfect? We have a choice we can run away from our mistakes or face up to them, I'd definitely face up to them and get through the problem/situation. We may push our family and friends away but really theyre always there for you and will support and help you through anything, families stick by each other always no matter what. Negative thinking doesnt help much either but try and change those negative thoughts to positives and tell ourselves it will be okay. I remember pretending everything was fine and I was okay but it was so hard, I pretended to be fine for 4 months until I finally told the deputy headteacher at my school about what was going on and she helped me so much it was good to know she was there for me and was offering to help and support me through the problem she told me her office door was always open for me if I needed to talk to someone. It was 3 months later my parents found out about the situations I was in and I think they were upset about it all but they still offered there support. It was pretty scary as the situation lasted for 7 months, I would definitely avoid stress as it has a lot of bad effects for example my skin got so bad, headaches and really bad feelings I was on medication for my skin and doctors thought it was acne but really it was stress.

If anyone else has a difficult situation like I was in I would definitely tell someone as you don't have to go through it alone and they will support you. If anyone has any questions or needs someone to talk to please feel free to mail me.

" When you feel like giving up, think about why you held on for so long"

Thanks for reading xx
deexx deexx
13-15, F
May 19, 2012