My Mom Is Homeless

Growing up, I was naive and blind to my mom's gambling addictive. Freshmen year of high school my brother and mom moved in with my oldest brother, and he supported us while being a full time student. My mom didn't work, so our only income was my oldest brother's, and help from an uncle. She used to  be a nurse, but was unhappy, and materialistic. Her escape, and method for easy cash was gambling. When I was younger I believed she went to work, but now know that was not the case.

By the end of my freshman year she became homeless, after my brother's lease was up, and he moved to a university. I moved in with my dad instead. Mom was a religious person, and instead of trying to get better, she waited for "signs" gambled money her family gave her for food. After a year it became alarming. Talking to her on the phone(she used the public library phone) she told me God didn't want her to go to the soup kitchen, and God wanted her to be homeless because she was being punished. In fact, "being homeless isn't that bad" she stated.

My family and I began to understand what isolation from society can do to a person. She would have irrational conversations with God, or a telepathic one with someone else to escape her loneliness, and cope with isolation. By her second year of homelessness, she was closed off from us. She would not accept help, and often had cases of hallucinations. My uncle still tried to take us out as a family now and then, when she agreed. One day I went to the movies with her. It was obvious she was homeless, and I tried my best to ignore the looks of strangers, and my cousin's wrinkling nose at the smell. She refused to come to any of our places for a shower. 

By my junior year of high school, she acquired a homeless bf. When looking at his record we found that he was a rapist, and violent man. My mom would not have it, and still stayed with him. On the streets, she had no one else. I wanted to help her anyway, but little by little she stopped staying in contact with me. Now, my uncle who is a bus driver, sometimes sees her. She doesn't recognize him.. One time he saw her passed out in a parking lot as he was driving, but when he went to her - she was already gone.

On mothers day she actually applied to one of my emails. She didn't want anything to do with her children. On my high school graduation day, I have twelve people there, supporting me, and had a big dinner. I felt like it made up for that one person missing in my life, and was grateful.  I will never forget something someone said to me when I told them I wanted to organize a homeless food drive, "Homeless people are creepy, and scary. Every time I see one I shudder."

Every time I see one, I think of my mom. Without a home, she has become mentally lost, and her fate is unknown to me. Homeless people were once important people of society, and they still are. One thing I will never forget, is the last time I saw my mom. My uncle gave her money for food, etc, and we all went to the mall. When we came back she bought me a pair of inexpensive earrings and a necklace.  I wanted to decline, but my uncle let me know better. She wanted to be a mom again. It broke my heart that despite having nothing, she still wanted to give me everything. 
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Wow. My mom is homeless too. And has been for about 3 years now. She once had a job, was a single mom who raised me to dress well, and taught me to have manners and to respect people. When I was 5 years old she handed me a huge bowl of fresh strawberries and directed me to a tree in the park where a homeless man lay sleeping. 12 years later, I find my own mother passed out, in a park beneath a tree. Worn, tired, aging quickly. I let her sleep in my car, packed her trail mix, brought coffee, I remember going to goodwill to buy her shoes and she could barely stand up, people stared....I didn't care they don't know....they don't know what it's like to watch your mom drink herself nearly to death every day and to try to help her, and to still love her when she tries to hurt you cause she doesn't know what she's doing......I've seen her talk to herself while hungover, I've herd her speak in languages that don't exist. I love her, but our family is so cold and uncaring towards her, I'm really the only one she has left and I alone can only do so much. She's violent when she's drunk. Every day I think of her. I miss her. I will always remember her as the artist by the sea, who taught me to be me

my mom is homeless too. She once was a teacher-about 8 years ago. She was struggling with some mental problems, and got involved with heroin. The first 6 years I tried my hardest to help her and then decided I was done. So I let her go, no communication for 2 whole years. Then her younger sister died and I let my mom back in to my life. I have tried everything to help her. Every 2 to 3 days she comes by my place to shower, catch up on sleep, eat, leave her things, pretty much anything she needs. Today I got enough courage and told her, "I dont ask anything from you, but now I am. Can we please go to a psychologist to help you, I can go with you. For my piece of mind." but she said no. So when she came by to sleep and stuff I told her no. I am done helping her when she wont help herself. Its too much of an emotional problem for me to go through this especially when she is okay with it. I love her with all my heart and its so hard to not let her come to my home and rest. I dont know if what I am doing is right...........Its so hard to love someone so much and be so mean to them when they need you more than ever.

My mother is homeless as well. She's been homeless for a little over 6 months now and its so horrible. I hardly see her. But she has a cell phone & I talk to her on the phone almost everyday. She's very old and my family refuse to help her. I'm trying to get my own place and move her in with me. My family disowned us along time ago because she was an alcoholic and I got pregnant after I graduated highschool. So I'm all she has and I refuse to give up on her. Your story brought tears to my eyes but also joy to my heart <3
Thank you for posting this.

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Reminds me when I didn't want to be taken in by the orphanage for a month. But I it was because I was afraid that they would take away my cats. They found a sea we could stay and I used the remainding cat food to feed them while I ate food that i made like nettle soup. I made my food from edible plants. But I ran out of catfood so i went looking for a orphanage which I could stay but be able to keep my cats.

Wow, such a heartwarming are very brave to share such a personal experience.

thank you :D

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Everytime a person shudders they see themselves in that situation. Addiction is a Pandora's Box that is difficult to close without any real help. I think that you should do something to help the homeless if you are so moved to do so.<br />
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very much so. Im doing habitat for humanity :D