I read a member's story about bees.  I don't see as many as I used to.  He mentioned that bees are not native to the Americas.  From whence did they come?  I do know about the fact that they are dying in great numbers and they are a VALUABLE resource.  I have also read that when something in the environment begins to go wrong, the first things that develope problems are the things we might not readily notice.  For instance, as a child, there were toads everywhere.  We children would play with them by making house of sticks and dirt for  them to live in.  They rarely liked them and got away fast as they could hop.  Now, there are practically none.  I saw one (1) this year.  A first grade in (I forget the State) began to collect and document the toads and/or frogs which they collected and then released.  Almost  all the documented frogs/toads had disfigurations, i.e., five legs, two heads. Our environment IS changing and I do not believe it is for the better.  Honey is a fantastic product.  It is delicious and theraputic as well.  It can be put on sores and will act as though it were a healing product.  I fear the African Killer Bees are killing off the small, quite friendly, European Bee.  If I knew how to stop the devastation of our environment, I would.  All I can say is plant flowers and trees.  Nurture the earth and it will reward you.  Please let us try to save our bees and other wildlife.
Barbara726 Barbara726
56-60, F
Aug 10, 2010