I Want To Help Save The Bees Also

Ever since I first saw the title to this category “I Want to Help The Bees” my mind has kept saying to me: “I do to, but I do not know how!” I finally ran across this site which, among other items, is selling what they call “Bee Stations”. 


This is a company from the UK so the price of the bee stations are in pounds sterling. Also if you want to buy one or more and do not live in the UK, like myself, then you may have to pay a duty, or a tariff. The web address for these bee stations is:




I would also like to mention that, what attracts bees is in know way the same that attracts members of  the Wasp, or Hornet family, such as the Black Wasp or the Yellow Jacket.  


Now I do not know how much help these stations will help the bees to recover. Though, to me, this bee station sounds to be a good start in the recovery of these much needed animals on this planet. Please do not forget that the true bees are very much needed in providing the food we all need to live. We must save the bees to save ourselves. 

doctorirwin doctorirwin
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1 Response Sep 16, 2011

Great idea! I'd love to get one for my yard :)