My Wife Needs A Strange D****.

Me and my wife are in our 30's and have had a successful marriage, we are high school sweet hearts. When i met her i was well known for having many girl friends, she was really quiet and beautiful, my biggest attraction was her big firm booty and huge thighs with a little waist. I had to put in work to get her in bed, i found out she was a virgin, or has had some very small guys and i am not that big an easy 7" hard on a good day. Anyways we have had a very good sex life, i love to shake her booty wile she s**** my d***, she can go pretty deep.
Well lately i have realized about all the sex she missed out on from being stuck with me for all these years, i feel like i have robbed her of experience with other guys, now i think about her having sex with random men, i think the thing that turns me on the most is watching her enjoy herself, i love to go down on her and watch her squirm, i get off on it more than she does so i think i would love to see her big thighs and booty get pounded by another man. I work a lot of hours but we still manage to have sex about 3 times a week, i go to sleep early, I would love to be asleep in bed and wake up to another man pound her on her back wile she lay next to me, then her turn and look at me wile she is getting done and tell me to go back to sleep in a gasping voice because she cant compose herself. I think of all the sex she missed out on and i feel bad, she needs some strange.
bobbysthick bobbysthick
3 Responses May 24, 2012

Love that ***. Would live to take her and **** her hard.

I could help!

I'd like to be that man ******* her in the middle of the night. Keeping you awake as she **** over and over again. My wife was a virgin and I think the same.