Real Me!

Shyness, I'm real shy, introverted one might say. It's not my best quality but it's a quality non-the-less. Smartness, I'm not saying I'm a braniac but my friends do, so who knows? (except when it comes to math) Friendly nature, Once I get to know someone, and feel comfortable to be around them I could be the greatest friend ever. I really do care about others, more than myself. Curious mind, I always have to investigate something. I'm always curious about something. If i hear something interesting I'll go right home and learn all i can over the matter. Sense of humor, I have a big sense of humor. Limited to rated people. I can really make people laugh...true most times they're laughing AT me and not WITH me, but it's all the same :) Justto see someone smile or laugh....even while they're pointing at me. So that's me. The best and the worse. :)
princeghartey71 princeghartey71
22-25, M
Jun 3, 2012