I Want To Have A Bee Hive

I want to help raise the population of bees. Bees are so essential to ecosystem. I have a grapevine that wont produce good fruit without bees. Maybe that's why vineyards have roses at each row of grape vines. Anyways I want to eventually build a hive so I can have honey and so they can be plentiful here. I've never been stung by a bee. I've been stung by a wasp. I'm not afraid of those either. I don't understand why people are afraid of bees. THey don't do anything unless you torment them. I like bees.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

There are bee clubs in most cities and they would be more than happy to answer questions and assist you in getting started with beekeeping. I joined a club last year, got a mentor and have 3 hives now. I plan on expanding that to 13 hives this next spring. The more I learn about bees the more fascinated I am with them. I was only stung 19 times this past season and every sting was my fault, not the bees. They aren't too tolerant of stupid :-)

I'll look that up

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm not an expert but I have some excellent mentors at my bee club.

I just have a bee hive at my back yard. They're really cool.

Is it a wild bee hive or one that you take care of?