Bees Are Incredible Creatures

Google 'Bee dance' and have a read. Amazing. I kept bees for a short time and got to learn a lot. They recognize faces apparently, they will bump you to let you know it's time for you to leave and they make great honey.
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The bees are dying because we are killing them. Insecticides kill bugs, bees are bugs. Get rid of the poisons plant fruit orchards and lots of blossoming flowers exclusively for the bees. Make Tons of bee hives to boost their numbers and get rid of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Grow in mass, crops that are easy to grow without needing pesticides like industrial hemp that is superior to all other crops, it's just that the DEA wasn't to spead it's influence into areas it has no business being in, like your doctors office and hospitals and elderly homes and pharmacies and agriculture, instead of doing the very limited job they are actually responsible for which is making sure Meth, Heroin, and crack/cocaine, and it's users are effectively dealt with and that doe NOT have to mean jail time if the users of these drugs are addicts. They need to be treated as patients. And 'rehab' needs a huge reform, because swapping out one drug for another is not a good plan. But anyway Start keeping bee colonies and plant flowers, and hearty organic grains (hemp has no/negligible amounts of THC). The DEA is scared of loosing power it never should have had, and THEY are killing the bees, by not letting nature take it's course. ********.