Plant a Flower. Save a Bee!

So I am now passionate about Colony Collapse Disorder aka CCD.

It's amazing that this has been going on since the 1970s and it seems like it has only recently really made it into the public light.  I maybe be late to the game, but I have friends and I have a plan.

Simple stuff + Simple Actions = Great Rewards X Great Impact

So... we can help the honeybees just by planting flowers.  There are many plants and flowers that can help... but some are better than others.

Here's a few that I found:


Glory Bushes








Trumpet Vine



Cone Flowers

So... going back to simple things.  Please join me in planting a flower.  I planted a sunflower the other day.  I named it Honey.

EPjake EPjake
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8 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Omg i had no idea about the honey bees. What should i do now that its becoming cold? Do i have to wait until next summer?

i am very water conscious and have always considered watering flowers wasteful and i only water what i can eat....not even thinking about the importance of flowers to the insects....i will plant some now though...<br />
i do have many flowering native bushes and trees that bees love<br />
calistamons-bottle brush...its the bees favourite<br />
grevillia<br />
flowering gums<br />
wattle<br />
another important thing to remember is ....if you have a swarm or nest near or in your home ...they do tend to get into walls...dont get the pestman to get rid of them he will poison them......get a bee person to smoke them out or do it yourself.....<br />
i had a swarm in my wall.......i took the outer board a shovel ...made a fire in it ....dried cow poo and will just smoulder and the smoke is drawn into the wall ...1/2 an hour later i came back and not a trace of a bee<br />

thanks for this very helpful list, jake. i usually have bees that hang around my basil plants when they start to bloom. i'll have to add some of these guys to my spring planting.

I love flowers and the new house i bought has none. this spring i am changing that !<br />
its going to be full of colour beauty and smell<br />
roses, to lilacs and blue bonets too<br />
:)<br />
i wounder why people don't have more flowers in there yard. the great !!

Thanks for this reminder - I really think that more people should be aware of exactly what will happen if the bees go away. I will look for some types that grow in the desert.

Forget Me nots!!! that was the third one... I'm such an airhead today

OMG okay forgot to mention this but last night I bought the kids each their own little flower pot. One planed Lavender, one Morning Glories and the third... wait, something else in purple... uuhhgg can't think of it. I thought it would be a great little project for them to watch them grow and of course the baby had to taste the dirt! uuhhgg! <br />
<br />

I re-planted some lady's flowers when I was on a walk the other day. I felt good about it. :)