Plant Native Flowers In Your Backyard

I have planted about 1200 sqr ft of native prairie flowers and grasses in my backyard

I get a TON of native bees there, great pollinating species I never knew existed before

you can grow from seed for less expensive or find an native plant nursery nearby

I get lots of solitary bees and lots of wasps besides the usual honey bees and bumblebees

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5 Responses Dec 20, 2009

I've been living at our house for about 13 yrs,I don't know what is wrong with the soil as it was a new estate when we brought it.But! pretty much every thing that I plant ends up dying ,I'd love to have a nice garden that brings in the bees,birds and butterflies.I 'm frustrated with my yard,maybe natives are the way to go hardy and used to the climate and erea.

Thank you! We keep honeybees as a hobby, and in the hopes that we might play a small part in slowing or preventing the extinction of the honeybees, who are rapidly declining...mostly because of indiscriminate use of pesticides...if anyone is interested in beekeeping, do some web research, it is pretty cheap, u don't even need a yard! There are folks who have hives on rooftops of high-rises! They are awesome to watch, really interesting! (and the honey is tasty, and great for your health!)

Yes garden stores should supply more native plants as well as educating people on the benefits of gardening with them. Having foreign plants throws the already established ecosystem out of whack. <br />

All I can say is that you put my little 3 x 2 patch of flowers that I have planted on my fire escape TO SHAME... and I don't mind at all. Talk about making a difference. ;)<br />
<br />
Hats off to you. A true tip of the hat. ;)

After planting native flowers and grasses, I notice a big difference in the biodiversity of my garden beds. I have thoughts of how amazing bees really are, considering how complex their social hierarchy is. Every summer day I enjoy looking at all the insects in my garden beds,

Remember Honey Bees are disappearing all over the world because of pesticides.....So if there was a way to collect and sell to others to help out with bee supplies maybe you can make money and help your neighbor at the same time....READ UP ON IT ...GREAT JOB!!!!!!!