Not Many Bees

Last year there were far fewer honey bees in my garden than normal. Usually they are all over my garden but last year i saw one. This is quite frightening as we need them for pollination or what will happen.The only bees I had were the bumble bees and i had far more than usual. What can I do to help the bees come back.

.I belive that nature is a truly powerful force and but the balance of nature is fragile and we all need to think carefully about our day to day activities and not take anything for granted.

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We have one or two beekeepers around here and I don't think it's for us but a lovely thought nevertheless, I will think about what flowers and shrubs to plant to help the bees though.Any suggestions?

Hi LA,<br />
I just came across this post and question. One thing you could do to help the bees<br />
with your soon-to-be-retired hubby is to become Beekeepers!<br />
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My father was a beekeeper. We had four hives at the back of our property, in the woods. They were relatively easy to take care of and the only "real work" was at the time to extract the honey. I was speaking to a local beekeeper recently and was surprised to learn the equipment is very much the same since my youth. The only problem I remember was 6 kids running around on a lawn with a lot of bees. We were so use to bee stings, it never really bothered us too much. My father would just make a mud pie and put it on the bite. That took care of everything!<br />
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If becoming Beekeepers is too much, try planting flowers the bees enjoy! I also noticed the vast amounts of bumblebees last year. Why wouldn't they be affected by the chemical sprays like the honey bees? <br />
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One of the suggestions I read to help the bees also was to buy local honey. Imported honey has some chemicals that could be harmful if brought back to the hive. <br />
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You could start a nice little local honey business. Sounds good to me!!

What can we do as individuals.

Liquidamber, we do need the bees...all of us need many things we take for granted may not be there in the near future unless we choose to change our behaviors.