Bee Killing

About a year ago I was on the bus and the bus was filled with a lot of people. I saw that a bee had somehow made its way into the bus and was trapped and was trying to get out. The bee kept flying into the plastic window trying to find a way out.

I was on the phone with a friend and I mentioned to him that there was a bee on the bus and that it was trying to get out. I guess everyone else heard me because panic ensued and people were frantically trying to get out of the way even though the bee was just minding its own business.

All we needed to do was open a window (all the windows were closed because it was a hot day and the air conditioning was on) and the bee would fly on but no, that didn't happen. Irrational people freaked out (I guess if you're allergic it isn't so irrational) and someone took out some tissue paper and smashed the bee.

I told my friend over the phone, "I guess some people don't know that the bees are dying. It's like killing a panda bear but I guess since it's an insect people just don't care."

All we needed to do was open a window and let the bee out and that is what I kept telling everyone, "Just open a window you guys!" I was too far away from the bee to let it out but there were other people who were near by who could have safely opened the window and let the bee go back home.

I feel sad for the bee :(


SO that's my story.

ninjarabbit ninjarabbit
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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

you're a good person, would have saved the bee if you could!