Yeah, I'm Very Concerned....

I'm very concerned with what's happening to the honey-bees. i mean, i can think of no more industrious, beautiful, graceful, dedicated...and also useful to us,

cause honey is like the nectar of the gods - like brown sugar. i don't know why theyre disappearing. its 'like they've said : No More ! ( remember edgar allan Poe's

raven ? ). but this is worse. cause i think ravens are ugly and pretty useless. but that the honeybees get up and leave...well that's like bombing the hell out of the

monastery at Montecassino ( during world war II ) which i saw on the history channel today. the monastery had been around 1500 years, and was just a beautiful

piece of architecture - better than El Escorial in Toledo i think...and they just bombed the s**t out of it, and there weren't even any enemy troops in it. But the honey

bee things even worse than that. it speaks volumes about the world we're inhabiting. " what have we done to the earth ?! / what have we done to our fair sister ?!

ravaged and plundered and stuck her with knives.." so used to sing Jim Morrison and the Doors in the 60's in their piece " When The Music's Over " ; and what

have we done ? and are still doing....?   You'd think they'd movilize the UN, and Bill Gates would dish out at least 10 billion to set this problem straight. But no,

you just read about it and go on next day to your job as master of the universe in wall street to see how - now that we've plundered the earth - we can plunder our

fellow inhabitants of their hard earned money. Money that could be used to save the honeybees ! I wish i could write an anthem before they disappear, and have

Zubin Mehta play it in the middle of the Great Plains and zapped simultaneously to all corners, nooks and crannies of the world...and maybe when they ( the

honeybees ) saw how important they are they'd decide to stay.....

Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
Mar 9, 2010