Taking The Plunge - Keeping Bees At Home.

Taking the plunge this year - becoming a first year beekeeper. Long time lurker, reader, researcher, and the like - jumping in finally. 

I've prepped as best as I could - local beekeeping club observation.. web research... consumed podcasts.  

Just about done building the hive - bees are arriving April 3rd!  I've been documenting my journey and 'lessons learned' etc at http://www.suburbanbeekeeper.com to help anyone that comes after me. I'm loving it so far! 

If I can help anyone out there with questions etc, feel free to drop me a line. 




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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Going very well! I've been posting video of hive visits and of the bees... Just added e second hive body on the hive last week! There should be about 12 thousand bees in there now. <br />
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Hi Will. I just got my Italian bees 2 weeks ago - what fun they are to watch!<br />
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How are your bees doing?

I wish you great success! I'm unable to build or buy my own hive but would love to have one. Best of luck!