I Want To Help...

I want to help anybody so so much. I want to make a world a better place. I want to do something good for humanity. I want to be remembered. I just want to feel useful. I ant people to know me as a good person.
If anybody has some idea how I could help, please tell me
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Wow ,you will be remember by all those who has came in contact with you! I was so touched by your statement above and the kindness of your words...I have a teen daughter(16yrs.old) who has a life threatening disease With No Cure at this time..It's called Cystic Fibrosis.My daughter Doesn't have alot of close friends because they don't know how to deal with her in the hospital about 5 times a year..i wish my daughter could meet someone with your kindness..Like others have said ,above keep your eyes and your heart open to others! Take care

The best way to help society is to love thy neighbor as thyself. I know it's hard. I'm having an extremely tough time with one of my neighbors the last few months. Maybe you can help me learn to love them too.

every person has good and bad sides... maybe you should just focus more on good sides ;)

There is many ways you can help others it is rewarding mostly, i suggest volunteering to start of with maybe in a crisis center or where people are in need, and they always need help in those services. To start off with it gives you first hand experience, and it is very rewarding to help others. Find out what services are existent in your area, and go from there good luck. :)

What a beautiful, powerful, and inspiring statement. Thanks. Music is very powerful. Perhaps you can use this as it is a strength of yours, and can touch many people via the internet.

I became a teacher and that was the biggest gift I ever recieved. I worked in one of the worst areas of Brooklyn, NY and had the best students in the World. If you want to touch the world in a very imortant way, help a young person.

Okay. First suggestion, find something you love doing. Because really doing good for humanity doesn't get much reward, if any. After you're gone, they might name a neighborhood park after you. Second suggestion, just do it anyway. There's a point ahead in your life -- we all have it -- you look back down the trail, look at the climb ahead into the cold fog, and wonder what you wasted your life doing. So, you'll need to know. Third suggestion, learn Spanish. Almost worldwide, you'll find people who need help but don't trust people who speak English.

I can only echo the suggestions in the other answers, & struggle to find something original to add. Try as many of them as appeal to you, & if any turn out not to be as anticipated, do not worry, your tender caring heart is still the same. This will shine through, & delight others around you. You will find something which is as rewarding for you to give as it is for others to recieve &enjoy. Your music is wonderful, & a good place to start. Perhaps it seems too much part of your routine to be a blessing to others, if so, that is only because you are so unasuming about it. Your wide eyed, far away look is a heart melter, it makes me want to protect you, the gentle almost fragile beauty just stops me in my path. Without trying, or possibly even being aware, You are already a blessing to others just by being who & what you are. Perhaps you need to have things like this said to you more often. Your rich, deep femmininity is inspiring, to the point of generating awe. Please feel free to reach out, taking an outstretched hand to help you along the next step.

I think going to visit children in the hospital and making them feel happy eventhough they are ill. There is nothing like a smile on a kids face to make you feel like you are helping and I know it will be something the kids and their families would always remember.

The world is so big that each of us can only do a small part of making it better. Each of us can oppose hateful bigotry such as racism and feminism. Each of us can support freedom from government tyranny of socialism, taxation, regulation, and "nanny" stateism. It is not easy because most of the popular media has taught people on the side of hate and tyranny.

Thank you for the Christmas present. If I had some funds I would have gladly sent something back. As for your "wants" have you tried being a volunteer? Hospitals and nursing homes are always looking for people. If you like children you could try being a teacher's aide in an elementary school. And if you search online for your city you may find an organization that schedules and looks for volunteers. AARP has chapters around in different states that do that for people my age. I have always felt good after putting in some time to help people and not expect anything in return. Just don't over due it. You can lose the good feelings by over-scheduling yourself and losing your free time which is needed for recharging your batteries.
Good luck.

Well you have all the time in the WORLD to help anyone if you want to help just do volunteer in everything that can be useful in the Government or Non Government Organizations that they do or you can also join Music Ministry that helps train new people who are interested to learn Piano Lessons or Music so alot can be useful if you want to help..Happy New Year

Hi Pina!

My idea is this....just keep writing from your heart what you really want people to know and they will respect you and admire you and you will be very useful to all of us. You have been my friend from the first time I wrote to you! You are a beautiful woman in many, many ways so don't think that you aren't important to me and to so many others on EP!

Your friend,
Patrick aka Nakednfree

Thanks very much, piano girl, for the Christmas present. You certainly do deserve a very happy world.

best Regards and wishes,
Robert F. Carlson (rfcarl)

here is a few ideas for you if you would like number one you can volunteer at the animal shelter or the homeless shelter or the soup kitchen or you can deliver dinners to the elderly or you can be a provider for a disabled person and help them out a few hours a day if you choose too

That is faith,start by inviting street dwellers into your home,car,swimming pool and finally on your en closet and that's it I don't even think that most high priest can offer a lift on a rainy day not to mention in their homes

Well if thats you playing that beautiful music then you are already doing lots to make the world a better place :)

Just keep on playing!

Invite jehovahs witnesses in and listen to what they say next time they knock on the door.

Music, music. Play, teach, write. Go with your strongest skill.

Hi - Never forget small things can add up to making a big change in the world. There is a big world of great causes out there; but remember there is only one you, so start small & work up to larger things. One thing I've done in the past is to volunteer at an animal shelter and even meals on wheels. Call your local shelter. Of course always be nice to people including young people, you never know what great achievements & discoveries people can make with a little help. I can already tell you are a wonderful person! Contact me if you like - I can tell you more.

You have a caring personality i suggest you get a job working with people. If you would like
to talk i am here for you:)

that depend s on how you want to help people do you want to physically or emotionally help people you could become a Psychiatrist or Psychologist to help people emotionally or you could get in to the medical Field to become a nurse or a paramedic, or become a police officer and fight crime or maybe even a fire fighter their are so many ways to help some are dangerous but its up to you to decide how much or how little you want to help you are you and strong you can do anything you put your mind too.

good luck pianogirl

that was supposed to say young and strong sorry not you and strong lol

Dear Missy,
A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I am a trumpet musician and you shared with me a video.... I was amazed at the beauty and abilities you have to generate such music that I was completely enthralled. Words just fail me to express the superlatives that I was able to witness. You also inspired me to continue to practice and study my instrument. The only thing that I wish was true was for me to take you on a midnight ride to visit a hilltop near the river to watch the stars.... Imagine those mysteries that surround us.... And it would be nice to just hold you and watch those heavenly events..... I wonder if there could be a musical composition that would be inspired by those stars and Jupiter is present in the night sky....

Best wishes!!!


Thanks for the gift......

it's really great , i want to help people too :)

i really need help but i don't know from whom :(