Tired Of The Bullshit.

Its always the same thing, always the same lies, corruption and bullshit promises. Always things never get done, always things seem to get worse and always everyone believes the next guy that comes along saying they will make it better. Always there is someone screwing someone else or a group of people over. Always the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

I'm sick to death of it, i feel so angry inside watching the world just slowly die the way it is. Of course no one really wants to do anything because the people at the bottom or the middle really aren't all that better than the people on the top. Plus people think for themselves first which is fair enough but you try coming around and reforming the system, trying to make things better and improve the lives of others and society you'll get shot down instantly because theres no money in that, because its not part of the plan, part of how the system works.

I feel the suffering of the world inside of me and the darkness that people live within and i know that we're all meant for so much more and could be so much more than what we are right now. And it breaks my heart that i feel this way and there isn't a damn thing i can do to improve things and i wish i could i really do.

Because i'm so tired of the same **** happening over and over again and i think its time something finally broke and the waters of human progress finally broke through the dam of corruption, fear, ignorance and greed that surrounds us. I dont give a damn about being remembered i just want to be able to do something, even if its a little thing. Deeds create ripples and a little ripple in the ocean can cause a tidal wave.

It's just a ***** when your fighting against several other bigger ripples in the water that represent the darkness of humanity.
lmpulsive lmpulsive
22-25, M
Jan 5, 2013