Ah Well....

Now is the time I guess I should say it..... I never thought I would. I thought for sure just a few months ago I was destined to spend my life alone without the love and companionship of someone special. I was wrong. I met the most wonderful man. Loving, caring, sensitive but also very independent, strong and self-assured. He is  .........perfect for me. I love him as much as I ever loved my first husband and it gets stronger everyday.

So now here it is three and a half years after the loss of my husband, I am about to marry again. I thought this relationship would carry on into just dating for another year or two, but  nope.... it's gonna happen much sooner.

I'm getting married to the most wonderful man.....wow.....
theredlady theredlady
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LOL! Thanks guys... I never would have thought it. It was so unexpected! Funny how life throws those curve balls. I thought I was dead inside.....guess I was wrong. <br />
<br />
Pedro.... I'm not gone.....We don't plan on getting married right off the bat.... I have a lot of planning. LOL!

Well well well lady who would have thought eh ? Congrats and best wishs ......


LOL!...well I'll tell you later.

I have no idea what any of that stuff means..

She's done.. at the docs... thyroid is negative for little pick....

you better! -_-... disturbing!!!

Roflmao!.. Okay.. she's seeing the doc right now.. but I'll relay the message!

Tell her to wash her hands first! she told me disturbing things!

LOL said she'd yank your tail and brush your mane extra next time she's on

What does that mean?

Thank you arorin.. Oh and puss said she will make up for last night.....

No one should have to spend this life alone. I know how it is, so I am glad you found him.

Thank you Jo! I am soo excited! there are a few problems to work out... least of which being my sons anger over moving.. but things will work out.

I am so thrilled for you, RedLady! May you have a wonderful life together!

Thank you!