Ha! I Still Love Snow!

I had so much fun with the snow we had. If you lived where I do, you might understand more. We NEVER get snow here. Oh, we've gotten dribbles and flurries that usually melt as soon as it touches ground. It never accumulates. A couple of rare occasions when we got an inch or two, it wasn't that sparking, crystalline snow I remember from my childhood.

This snow was about 11 inches deep and sparkling and crystalline and wonderful! I played with it and made snowballs , walked in it and let the snow melt on my tongue as it fell so heavy I was nearly soaked when I came indoors finally. I wanted so badly to make a snow angel....... but that's when my old people skills jumped in and said, NO! I don't know why.... the thought of getting that involved in the snow, I guess, made my adult side jump to the defense of aging joints. Not that there is anything wrong with my joints, but getting up from making a snow angel at my age is not easy and would destroy the effect I create on the snow. LOL oh well......

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

LOL I was going to this morning, but the snow is nearly gone now and and most of it is slushy and muddy.

You definately should have made the snow angel! It's half the fun just making it ... I think, because I've never had enough snow here to actually make one. I remember when I was a kid I threw a snow ball at my grandfather ... and got grounded :( LOL Snow is just ... it's SNOW! :D Let the kiddy side of you come out and play! *hugs*