I have a recurring dream. I've had it since I was twelve years of age. I 'm standing outside of the trailer we lived in then in Missouri. The ground is rocky and sharp and I'm standing in my pjs looking out into the woods at night. Everyone is asleep and the night is dark and the sky is clear. But the woods around me seem to be closing in and I feel as though I'm being watched from all sides. As I begin to turn and look in the direction to which I am drawn, the scenery fades away and I am back to reality.

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Mmmm I have a blog I wrote Empty..... I will have to show it to you. There was only one incidence when I dreamed farther into the dream. I wrote it in my blog as I hope to elaborate into a story one day.

Do we truly have anything to fear in the ever-encroaching darkness?<br />
<br />
Do you have any idea of why that direction draws your attention, incidentally?

I never saw myself like that Salar, but now that I listen ..... more people tell me this than I've ever heard before.

The one common denomenator here ...... you are the one juding yourself , stop looking back lady lift your head and look forward