Sometimes, i read in the confessions because it's where my friends reside, conversing amongst themselves. It's where I tell them good night because that's where I know they will most likely see it. i don't usually go to confessions other than that. I read the occasional confession, sometimes I comment, but many times, it seems lately, confessions has become a place to attack my friends and other people. An anonymous confessor or confessors spewing from their mouth such garbage as to represent the worst in human nature. To insult and cause embarrasment and pain to others simply because it gives them pleasure to see others in pain, is the lowest form of human morality. It is depravity. I am tired of seeing such an abuse of power used merely to garner a reaction or to inflict damage out of jealousy, hate, revenge........ It's not necessary or wanted. We all have enough troubles without someone of such a depraved nature feeding upon us. I personally have not been the victim of such attacks here in confessions, except in one where I was accused of being someone I'm not ... but it was  weak at best. I consider myself included in the vague attacks aimed at my friends in which the entire content of the circle is regarded in the attack. Even if you don't thing badly of me... I am also their friend and play, joke and "hang out " with them.

I'm tired of pettiness borne of ignorance and loathing for something you don't want to understand or to have exist in your "little world". It can easily be left alone if you just turn away. If you despise what you consider to be ugly and irrational, then do not return the favor with such ugliness and irrationality.Your time is better spent being awesome to your own kind. I hope they understand what you have done.  If they are as "clean" and pure of thought as you think you are, then perhaps they won't. Perhaps that is your burden. Leave us alone. Don't play games with people's lives. You will be sorry in the end. One day it will come back to you when you least expect it and you will remember and know what you did wrong.

theredlady theredlady
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Thank you. I enjoy writing so much. I just wish there was a way I could make a living at it, but my style of writing isn't a very marketable one. LOL!

Thank you.. I had forgotten about this... perhaps I should post it where more can and will read it.