Pitbull Rescue

Last night I picked up Goliath who had recently been abused by his previous owners. My first impression was that he was gorgeous, one great big muscular teddy bear. upon closer inspection, still handsome as ever, i noticed numerous scars up and down his body. the poor guy even had a BB lodged under the skin in the back of his head. he broke my heart.
anyways, i took him home with me to atleast give him a safe place to live until  finding him a permanent home since i live in a one bedroom apartment which just doesnt suffice for a dog his size. Luckily my coworkers boyfriend has agreed to provide him with that safe haven permanently and they came to pick him up today, while i spent the remainder of the afternoon crying haha ( i get attached very easily). we've since planned to make doggy dates so i can see him from time to time. This truly was a happy ending and i can't wait to do more positive things for those in need.

P.S. excuse all grammar and punctuation. 
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1 Response Jan 9, 2011

What a wonderful story! I have rescued many animals myself over the years (mostly cats, I'm highly allergic to most dogs, sniff!) and I remember every one of them. It never gets any easier to see the suffering they've been through, but it's wonderful to find great homes for them and keep in touch with them when it's possible.<br />
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Many shelters have "foster care" programs. In most of the programs, a volunteer, like yourself, takes in an animal which needs additional attention before they come to the shelter for placement. This can be for varying lengths of time--overnight, if the shelter is too crowded that day, or up to three or four months for a pregnant animal or one with a broken bone that needs to heal, or has had surgery. Usually the shelter pays for ALL the expenses involved in caring for the animal (food, medical care, litter, leash & collar, food & water dishes, etc.) and, when the animal is ready, takes the animal in to be placed. I've done many, many foster animals over the years and found it an immensely rewarding experience. You might want to check it out, since it's a great way to help many animals for relatively little expense (other than your time and love, which of course are of primary importance) and is a great way to make some wonderful contacts in the animal rescue world.<br />
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You sound like a very caring, warm person, and any animal you help will certainly benefit from the care you give.