i have for the last 18 yrs or so suffered form panic attacks and anxiety this all started after the birth of my youngest daughter who is now 18 my world just turned upside down i came into my head in a split second your wife is carring on behind your back i then put my wife through six months of pure hell i wathched were she went checked her phone followed her checked her clothes all because my mind told me this was going on me and my wife didnt know what was causing this aty the time but after reading books by dr clair weeks it all started to make sence my nerves were tired and overworked which lead to a mini breakdown and from these books oi learned to face my fears and not run this has helped me to no end i still have these attack not as severe now but that is because i know what they are now they are just that feelings has any one else been through the same as me if so any tips i might not have heard of please let me knwo  
slimjim22 slimjim22
46-50, M
Jul 20, 2010