I Want To Help!


 I have been unhappy with my life years. I have suffered from depression. Mental Illness. I really been searching for Happiness and love but I could not find it. Even when I thought I had happiness. It was not real. Or I would think if had a new car or new house I would be happy. Or many other things the right job or if I had more money? Many things I thought would make me happy but didn't. I was in really bad situation I lost my home my wife my kids. I was almost ready to give up. But then I thought?  I am going to figure life out! I am not going to give up!  I just have find the answer to what happiness and life is and I did. And it is not what most believe it is.


Most of the world doesn't really understand. Well if you are looking for answers to being fit and happy and successful with riches and good health? Which most say they are. Who doesn't want that? Well it is not a short answer but I feel I have explained it in away that anyone can understand. I ask you this if what I'm going to share with you could give you everything you desire would you read it? If the answer is yes then go to Life-Educationcenter.com it is all completely free there is nothing there asking for money or credit cards. It is just free information and knowledge on how to achieve happiness love success and riches in any ones life. I truly want to help you all and I hope that you take the time and really listen. Life is meant to be wonderful and joyful and that can be reality for you.

Take care Shawn..

TheLifeGuy TheLifeGuy
31-35, M
Feb 15, 2010