A Man Hid Me Away From The World

And from my perverted stepdad who was molesting me. The man is here on EP I know.
I ran away from home to get away from my stepdad when I was 15 because he was going to rape me and I knew it. The night I ran away I was gang raped and beaten and thrown in a dumpster. When I was in the hospital my stepdad came in and was talking all sweet while rubbing up and down my leg. So I ran away from the hospital and went to a friends house who was older than me. I did not know she was a slave and had an owner. My stepdad found out where I was and started harassing my friend and me. She took me to meet her owner and he hid me away. To all who knew me I just disappeared. I still went out and did things but in a different way than before. After talking to my friend I decided I wanted to be his slave too so I pleaded and begged until he agreed to take me. He took care of me and taught me and used me in any way he chose. It was a life I was meant for. I was with him for a few years until I made him angry and he turned me away...but that's another story.
I have been trying to get him to take me back ever since. I have been loyal and have done nothing to do anymore damage than I had already done.
I so badly want to disappear again....
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1 Response Aug 27, 2013

I am sorry that happened to you and I hope you get back the life you want.