Hiking The Appalachian Trail Spring 2012

going to hike the appalachian trail spring of 2012 starting at springer mt.this is something i feel i must do100%.
i am going to pace myself and take in all the trail has to offer if it be good or bad.i will complete it the
almost 2200 mile trek 4.5 to 5 month time frame.it would be nice to find someone that is
like minded and will not give up.i am going to make the best of even the worst the trail has to offer.i plan
on videoing and taking lots of pictures and taking the time to see the sights and even any wondering wildlife
that might happen up on even bears and snakes i relay don't have a problem with them.
going to keep my pack 30pounds or less and going to start training this jan for this trip if you thank you are someone
that can make it to Maine .i will be starting the trail march 15th around 7am rain or shine
jcbishop jcbishop
36-40, M
2 Responses Dec 9, 2011

a man reaches a time in his life he will look back on what he has done and what he didnt do.for me i have been working for 25years and bikeride when work will let me but with 40 geting close.i need somthing to look back on other than work a man can always work but he wount always beable to truly do smothing his body can enjoy as much as the mind as he gets older.as i look over the tree tops and acrose the gaps i will keep you in mind.

i am very envious. i'd love to do it, but i must work.