Thru-hike 2013

I am looking to form a group for a hike starting in May 2013. I am in Denver, CO and am interested in anyone and everyones advice and suggestions. Thanks all.
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I'm looking to hike the trail as well this spring. Have you found a group yet?


Hi! I have AT in my mind for some years already and march/april 2013 seems to be IT! I am from the Czech Republic, studied art management in Prague, now working on a farm in south Devon (UK), happy to be out of the city, enjoying autumn during long weekend walks on the moors and slowly getting to a good physical condition. I have hiked the mountains in Romania, Czech and Slovak Republic, Norway and France, but never longer then for a month. I believe though that a strong will, good psychology, fun and helping each other make anything possible!
Lets meet on fb or somewhere... My fb name is Kacka Zvelebilova.

Have a nice autumn time, looking forward to hearing from you.
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I am also looking, I am 46 and female if that matters I would like to walkwith another woman

I am a female looking for a hiking partner as well. I want to complete the trail in Sept 2013 (in Maine), but the problem is I can't begin until mid to late May (possibly the very beginning of June 2013)

I have 27 days in Dec/Jan that I can start the trial-- then pick up where 'we' left off in May. If that interests anyone.