Hiking The A.t.

Hi! I am interested in hiking the
AT also! I am new to this website so I don't know exactly how it works but am def interested in finding new friends to hike with starting in GA on at AT....thanks! bev
Bevy1969 Bevy1969
61-65, F
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bev, I am looking also for a hiking partner, I am a married 69 yr. old male, in good shape. not looking to set any records on the trail, need a hiking partner....wife won't let me go it alone! if you have not left yet..??

Michael b

WhiteBlaze.com is the go-to site for all things AT. They have fabulous forums and hook-ups for other hikers. Their packing tips are fantastic.

Are you wanting to thru hike? I live in Catawba, Va. If possible we could meet in GA and id accompany you to catawba mountain. Id be able to leave in the middle of june. Let me know what you think if youre still interested in a hike.

i too am wanting to hike the at not sure about the whole thing wanting to leave the first week of april am 51not in the best shape but working on it .not in a hurry wanna smell the roses on the way .