Ok so I’m doing a lot of holding lately to try and increase my capacity and tolerance, so yesterday I held it all day. I peed before going to bed on Thurs at around 11pm, and then slept through and woke at around 9am needing to go... But didn’t. In fact I held it through breakfast, lunch and dinner, by 8pm my bladder was heavy and EXTREMELY full of pee. I lay on the sofa watching TV taking my mind off it fairly successfully; I decided to go to the supermarket to grab some essentials before it closed. So jumped into the car and off I went, driving was challenging as by now I was dying to pee but determined to make it to the 24 hour mark without releasing!

                I wandered around the supermarket popping items into my basket, not daring to stand still too long for fear of losing control or having to dance, although I wasn’t feeling desperate I knew I was full to my limit as it was now painful to walk and I couldn’t think of anything other than the fullness in my bladder! Making it difficult to concentrate on shopping, I wished I’d written a list, it was 9:30pm when I approached the checkout and loaded my goods on, bizarrely I still didn’t feel desperate but was uncomfortable and kept fidgeting, I was longing to pee but had no intention of doing so anytime soon.

                I paid, loaded the car and started the engine, a warning light flashed and an alarm beeped, low fuel. I decided to stop off at the petrol station on the way home, it was late now so it shouldn’t be busy, and I wanted to get home to enjoy my last hour of holding. The forecourt was surprisingly busy and I waited behind another car for a pump to be free, I started to jiggle in my seat as I felt a wave of desperation flush over me.  Not now I thought, there was a car behind me so I had no choice but to wait as my bladder began to cramp furiously, desperate to push out the pee it had been holding in for almost 24 hours.

                Soon it was my turn at the pump, I was grateful to be able to get out of the car and stand up, I crossed my legs as I pushed the nozzle into the car and squeezed hard, not just the petrol pump, but my thighs and lips too! I couldn’t help but pee dance as I fought to remain in control, I caught glimpse of the guy in the car behind fixated on me but didn’t care, there was nothing else I could do if I stayed still I would wet myself. The desperation was startling, it had come on so quickly and was almost crippling. I was beginning to leak a little when I changed position or moved, I decided to use the bathrooms inside the petrol station as I couldn’t take it any longer I was utterly desperate.

                As I walked toward the automatic doors I became aware that they were closed and the shop was in semi-darkness, of course, it was late so we had to pay through the tiny window at the front. There were about 5 people waiting for just the one attendant and I groaned as I joined the queue, I could barely hold it in so was bobbing around, it didn’t help that it was freezing and I was only wearing a thin jumper and jogging bottoms, which were grey  and possibly already showing signs of my earlier leakage! The first couple of people went through extremely quickly, but the third took FOREVER, he seemed to be doing his weekly shop and was sending the attendant around the shop to get various items.

                I was bouncing around like crazy hoping that people thought I was cold rather than desperate for a pee, I was hopping from foot to foot which was jolting my bladder causing me pain but was essential in helping me remain in control. I rubbed my bladder trying to calm it down and soothe it into allowing me to get home but it was having none of it. I was BURSTING, my bladder ached for relief and I couldn’t believe I’d become so desperate so quickly. Finally I was next and I waited in perpetual motion for the woman in front to finish, she seemed to be having difficulty with her pin number and took way longer than my bladder could stand...

                It was my turn at last, I gave my pump number and threw my card at the cashier, who stopped to answer the phone before entering it into the machine, eventually he passed me the chip and pin device and I entered my pin, I couldn’t help grabbing my crotch for a moment as pee forced its way out, I felt a wet spot appear and knew I was losing it. I danced furiously not daring to make eye contact with the remainder of the queue as I turned to make my way back to the car. I walked as quickly as I dared as my bladder was now so full it hurt like hell even to breathe let alone walk, and to walk quickly was agonising! I was only a few steps away from the car when I froze, oh dear god I was about to pee I was so bursting I contemplated just letting go but decided against it and shuffled to the car bent forward and dying to be able to use my hand to control my desperate urge. I opened the car door and began to lower myself into the car, shoving the key into the engine and my hand into my crotch simultaneously.

                I pulled away and immediately felt myself losing control I was powerless to hold it, I approached the exit but instead turned left to where the car wash entrance was behind the petrol station building... I undid my seatbelt and leapt out of the car just in time for my full load to come gushing out with such force that it tickled my legs, I squatted down and pulled down my joggers, I peed so hard it splashed back off the ground and I could feel it hitting my bum. It felt so good, I couldn’t help myself moaning in pleasure, I could hear someone coming so managed to quickly squeeze out as much as I could with amazing force, it sounded like a power hose, before clamping off and standing up. It hurt to hold the remainder in but I had no choice or I’d be discovered, I got back in the car and drove painfully home, my bladder still felt full and sore and felt a little like it was going to fall out from between my legs it felt so low down in my abdomen.

                My joggers were soaked and had turned black all down my legs, it was blatantly obvious that I had burst in the worst way but I was still feeling so full and urgently needed to let go. I gingerly stepped out of the car and felt another leak run down my legs, I couldn’t hold it in a second longer so squatted down between the cars and pulled down my pants, and I took a deep breath and finally allowed my bladder to empty itself. It felt unbelievable and was probably the best pee I have ever had, when I was completely empty I stood up and made my way inside. Peeling off my clothes in the hall I wandered into the bathroom and turned on the shower, I turned on the radio and stepped in, feeling the hot water run over my tummy soothing my aching bladder, I massaged it until the pain subsided a little. The radio announcer read out the time, 11pm, I felt disappointed that I hadn’t quite made my 24 hour goal but I had come so close.

                I plan to try again but need to let my bladder recover first, right now I have been holding my pee for about an hour and feel as though I’m about to burst it’s just so tired and sore

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I only go pee once every 24 hrs at 6pm. I trained myself to last this long everyday. I have been going once per 24hrs for over a year now. This means I go to bed with a mostly full bladder and when I wake up, I have to hold it all day. 24hrs to mandatory for me. I installed a deadbolt on my bathroom and gave the key to my boyfriend and told him to only let me in every 24 hrs.

Wow, that's a crazy long time to hold it. You must have been so desperate. Have you done any new holding?

Oh that's so cool and detailed. I really like how you were pee dancing at the line. I had a same experience when I was 17.

Well done you are inspiration to us all. I once managed 36 hours and know you've done more than 24 in the past.


22 hours is an amazing hold! Well done! X

Well, you did better than me, the longest that I ever held was 22 hours. I need to practice more, lol, good story !!

Determination and practice! That's how!

wow i think if i tried i wouldnt drink anything.

I always drink as I normally would :)

i want to try to make it 24 hrs but i dont think i can which makes me want to do it more lol. did u drink anything in the 24hrs?

Thanks Chris... Long time no speak x

Great story... love the way you describe your experiences :-)

Great story... love the way you describe your experiences :-)

Truely a great story, I hope you'll reach your goal soon and keep us all up to date with your attampts.

Very nice story.