I had to work today in the afternoon and I had *********** beforehand. When I got to work (a public library) I found it very empty with only a few people around. I've always had a pee fertish and I decided now was a good time to see what I can do. So I slowly started letting out drops of pee every so often, about an hour into my two hour shift. For the next hour I decided I would just keep pushing every so often and see what happened. I was in a pretty empty section when I let a big bit go and had trouble stopping it. I checked but my pants weren't wet yet, just my panties. I kept going letting out little spurts until another big one came and I again had trouble stoping I could feel myself leaking every when I crossed my legs over. At the end of my shift I got in the car and went home having not stopped at the bathroom even though I was quite wet and could feel a spot on my pants. I've just gotten home and written this, still holding and very desperate. I'm trying to hold and wet for as long as possible, wish me luck, also I find this is a great lubricant for fingering so that's happening tonight ;)
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Hi thatgirl040507 :) Great to meet you here/via EP...and above all to read this experience :) Very impressed how you managed to limit it to little leaks..
Even though I guess by this time you were really bursting to p?Seems even crossing your legs wasn't working??Wonder how you managed driving home,on a desperately full 2 bursting bladder?
Did you manage to hold on much longer,after you arrived home. Thanks for sharing this experience with us all :)

Sounds awesome- I hope this story would be in the "non-fiction" section ;)

Sounds awesome. I've often wondered if girls do this. So far I've never found any evidence of any girl doing it.

We do it alright ;)

Add me?

Wow absolutely love your story. So incredibly hot. Thank you so much for sharing