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Surprise Element

I used to randomly go to the train station and buy a ticket to the first destination on the departures board - spend a day in a place i had not been expecting to go.  My theory is that when something is a surprise and random, you pay more attention to it as you want to savour every minute and explore as much as you can as you have come across it, not sure when you will get back again. This would all the more be intensified if able to fly to different cities and different countries.  The amount of possiblities; the amount to explore; the amount to experience - all intensified through the surprise element.  To spend time where no-one would know where you were, devoid of those responsiblities that tie us down and constrain us from our desires. 

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The way you put it is exactly right. I can only see this type of excursion as a good thing.

Wow, that sounds fascinating. I would love to do that some day.

I once was following the most horrendous directions to a hotel from their internet website and ended up in three different (other) towns, no-less, on my way there. This was for a professional event and I got there two hours late. On a Friday evening after work... Mmm.

Very cool idea. I've been places I didn't mean to go, but it was because somebody gave me some horrid directions. Plus, in the city where I live, street names change depending on which side of a main road you cross, or which suburb you're in. I take it in, and have a brief sight-see, keep on keepin' on.

Oh yeah.. count me in! I've always wanted to do this.. I love to be impulsive.. sounds like a great adventure!

Erm... I'll be thinking of you all when sipping my tea at 4pm but sadly cannot join you at the centre of the earth or to trot the globe tomorrow :) I *will* want to read your stories about it though!

Oh .. ok ..<br />
<br />
I will change back into my house clothes

Ok ... <br />
<br />
Where we all meeting .. what time?

Are we going today .. ?

We are doing it now .. wanna join us ?

Few years back I went through a phase where I'd up and leave for a few days, different city, though rarely a different country. (Used to be good at speed-packing too. Could pack in a few minutes and be ready to go if felt like it!) I went abroad once without booking a hotel, to just wing-it when I got there. My best friend of the time said I'd be sleeping on a park bench. Hmm. Came close to it. Anyway, was fun. Still hope to do a round the world trip someday. Any of you seasoned travellers done that?

Wow, sounds like fun...<br />
<br />
If you'll have me...count me in. =)

great post .. my bag is always packed ..

I would love to it is my favorite passtime ...just to run off and explore.

I love it we sound alot alike .:)

I am afraid i would get into alot of trouble with you .:)

That sounds like lots of fun - must do that!! I go for drives and deliberately take roads I have never been on just to see whats there - but I am in Ireland so never really get that lost!!