I met my husband when i was 15 on a pen pal websites we were good friends for about 6 months and he said hey i have a month worth of leave from work i wanna come and visit you. At the time he was living in the UK (hes actually south african) and i was absolutly thrilled and terrified at the same time so in march of 2006 after a 24 hour flight and a 10 hour train ride i met him face to face on the platform he was nothing like what i expected and i had no idea how i was going to greet him but for some reason the first thing i did was grab him and pull him into the biggest hug! he hugged me back and let blurted out that i was absolutly gorgeous he then went bright red and changed the subject immediately, those 3 weeks he was here were the best time of my life i completely fell in love with him from the moment he stepped off that train infact i can still recall that moment perfectly down to the dusty scuff mark on his left shoe from knocking it on the pavement. When the time came for him to go back home i was so devastated and it may sound so corny and unrealistic but that night before he left we wrote each other letters both of us are not so good with vocalising what we feel so we wrote it down and said we wouldnt read them until we were away from each other, he read his on the train i read mine in the backseat of the car driving away from the station, in that letter which i still have he told me that he was completely in love with me wanted to marry and that in 6 months he would come back to me, and he did exactly 6 months to the day he arrived back in australia. Our road has been very bumpy between immigration visas and being away from each other for 6 months here and 8 months there we got married on the 17th of may 2008, exactly 2 weeks after my 18th birthday and i can honestly say its the best thing i have ever done, we have our hard times and our good times like everyone else and i have heard every comment under the sun about being so young but i found my soul mate and i couldnt be more blessed. until i met him i didnt believe in fate or soul mates or anything i had had such a hard life until him and even thought i have told im missing out i dont see it that way i would rather have him and be married and deal with money and bills and rent and "responsability" then be a "normal" 20 year old without him. and may i also just say that yeah i know life isnt all roses and romance my life has been anything but and him and i have a very realistic honest and down to earth relationship, staying together has been so hard because of everything we have had to deal with just to be together, i wouldnt have dealt with immigration for anyone else on this earth! and anyone who has gone through marriage/partnership visas in australia knows what im talking about! 
sorry for such a long story but its a very long story and this is only a condensed version! i hope you guys enjoy reading it :)
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Wtf? Married at 18??!