Cyber-hugs to everyone in my circle! I wish the ''gesture to everyone in circle''  feature wasn't only available to EP supporters. Gesturing to everyone one by one is tiring work you know... :(
DarkAngel123 DarkAngel123
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1 Response Jun 5, 2010

I agree it is tiring work, lol.. I only did it once and I've been here close to two years now! It took me several hours (I suppose I was PMing ppl too) and that was just my cirlce, I didn't even get around to sending a hug to all my non-mutual fans and favourites in the end. >.><br />
<br />
I still think the gestures to the whole circle are pointless though.. they are impersonal. At least when I send a gesture to one person at a time I do actually have to think of them when I send the gesture. A "thinking of you" gesture is really a lie if sent to the whole circle at once, so I see all whole-circle gestures the same way really.