I want to hug everyone because we can all use one right now.  I know I can. While I am doing this I promise not to steal your shoes unless they are particularly high end designer and/or Italian leather shoes, and then well, you know, it is every woman for herself then.

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I dunno either... for some odd reason my pants need to be ironed, my shirts have to have at least less then 10 holes in them or i get badgered about waring them, i need to shave... it is all a big drag. You know shaving really sucks. Every damn time i cut myself up bad.

LOL, i don't know why when duct tape works so well lol.

Me and my friend joke a lot about how duck tape is Mexican engineering in work and how bungee cords are the up graded version since that is how his car bumper stays on and he is only half Mexican, but no my grandma forces me to go out and buy new ones...

Ar, I hear duct tape repairs anything lol.<br />
<br />
Flour, yes we do.<br />
<br />
MMMMMM MT that felt good.

(((((BEAR HUGS))))) Sorry I'm late dear. (((((BEAR HUGS))))))

we all need hugs now especially!

I don't think you would like my shoes. I only buy a new pair when the ones im waring are falling off my feet.

LMAO, Teri. Of course. <br />
<br />
Sara, Let's get horizontal so I can take that new pair of shoes you just got darling. I am looking for red high heels. lol<br />
<br />
DC, Come on over chica and I will have to show you my technique. you may never go barefoot again.<br />
<br />
Rog, that is too cute.<br />
<br />
MT, I have been standing here waiting on my hug dude. I can't believe you are keeping me waiting. BTW, i am digging the new boots.

Ooooo... horizontal hugs from fungirlmmmm... now you're talking!

Good point, Ela. You may actually be venturing into "horizontal hug" territory to successfully do that. <br />
<br />
Or Fungirl give REALLY good hugs!!! She should be REALLYfungirlmmmmm! :)

LMAO gentlemen. I have boots. I even have go go boots, believe it or not!

I'll give her hugs however and when ever too.

I.<br />
<br />
I think she needs a set of nice heeled boots though.

Oh I am not much into boots unless they are extra sexy.

HEHE DC... good one.

I'll just hug you barefoot. :)

Ok Dew, I love sandals so that isn't a huge problem lol<br />
<br />
Certainly Brut. I love to model.<br />
<br />
MT, Agreed it is very hot.

Open toe with a the nails being done and a fair bit off the ground does wonders to make a woman look complete.<br />
<br />
Makes those legs look like they go on and on and on...........

Will you model them for me? I have always admired a woman who can handle her shoes well, aznd knows when to take them off.

Oh yes, and I have LOTS of beautiful shoes. That is one thing I used to spend a lot of money on. you are welcome to anything in my closet dear. just let me know what you want.

By law you should only ware open toe shoes or sandals. Have Mercy…DD

I like to look at ladies shoes-so shiny and angular...

LOL, well thanks Brut. I have a several closet full of shoes, and may have to sell some to get by but right now I do have shoes lol.

:-)<br />
You can have my shoes if you need a pair :-)