Looking For Ideas From The Creative EP Crowd

So I've found out that my beautiful wife is cheating on me while I'm away.

I'm not "feeling the love" right now and quite honestly I want to humiliate her. Not just 'get back at her' or return the favor, but bring her some shame and humiliation.

Any ideas how I might do that?

My thoughts for now are to use a glory hole. I'll dress her up in booty shorts, or daisy dukes; halter top without a bra so her 36Ds are free to shake and move, and of course CFM shoes. Something to garner attention and says, "look at me!"

We'll go to the adult book store and walk the aisles, looking at the **** and the slutty outfits. We'll check out the sex toys. I'll ask her which ones she would like to play with, hand her impossibly large black **** ****** and ask if she wants it.

Once she has enough attention, we'll head to the booths in back. We'll spend some time in the hall looking at the video menus of each booth, giving her followers time to see which booth she goes into. There's one booth with two holes in it; that's the one we want.

We'll go into a booth, drop some tokens and start the **** rolling. We'll watch the flicks, I'll get her worked up promising to **** her, then I'll coax her out of her clothes. Maybe by this time a **** has come through the hole. If not I'll have her put her fingers through the hole for a "surprise". I'll tell her its all right to just play with it - just a bit. Then tell her she can't leave the poor guy hanging, she should take care of him.

I want her to think sucking that **** is her idea (yeah, right) ... "well if you want to, honey. I meant maybe you should just jerk him off." But once she has a nice hard **** in her hand, she'll want it in her mouth. And once she's made the first one ***, she'll want more *****. I'll make sure she's excited, with a vibe in her *****.

She likes to give head, she's just not good at it. So I'll help her technique a bit by holding her head, forcing her mouth up and down on those dicks, pushing her face against the hole so these strange men can **** her mouth.

Did I mention I'm using my smartphone to video all this? You bet! And I'll pass notes through the hole asking for their phones, offering a pic of "the ***** on your pole".

And when she's good and excited and begging me to **** her, I'll gather up her clothes and whisper in her ear, "I'll be in the car when you're done. But don't be too long, I'm not sure how long I'll wait."

And then walk out of the booth, leaving the door open.


So, what do you think, am I too harsh on her?
Let me hear your ideas.
AnonyManXV AnonyManXV
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

No, she no longer likes anal. So perhaps the adult theater instead of the booths, where they can touch her all over and they'll all be trying to **** her. "yeah, sure! She LOVES it in the ***!"

Sounds like a plan to me! After all this is supposed to be punishment.

Does she like anal? if not have them **** her ***!